Changes made to Billie Eilish Tacoma show seating

Ticket holders with floor seats to Billie Eilish’s concert on April 10th at the Tacoma Dome will be experiencing a change in their seating according to Ticketmaster.

Fans received an email this week informing floor seat holders that their assigned seating has now been changed general admission with standing room only.

Ticketmaster has stated the change is due to alterations with the production and arrangement of the stage.

Those who purchased ADA seating will still have seats on a platform being added to the floor.

Ticket holders should expect an email within five days prior to the concert letting them know that their new tickets are ready.

Refunds are available for those who don’t want to be in the general admission area, but the show is currently sold-out and seated tickets are no longer available through Ticketmaster.

See the statement from Ticketmaster below.

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4 Comments on Changes made to Billie Eilish Tacoma show seating

  1. Dana Arritola // March 10, 2020 at 9:45 pm // Reply

    My great seats are now general admission and still cost 145/each (including fees). Ticketmaster has a monopoly or this would never fly to treat customers like this. On top of it, the have had my money for 5 months interest free for a product that they decided to very significantly downgrade.


    • Hi Dana!

      I was also a little disappointed in the seating changes, but after seeing why I am excited! Her stage set up now has a platform that comes out into the crowd and expands that stage. It is my assumption (speaking as a fan here) that there may not have been accurate communication of her intended stage plot before tickets went on sale, and changes had to be made to accommodate the extended stage.


  2. Dana Arritola // March 11, 2020 at 8:12 am // Reply

    Hi Amber, I am excited too. I am just disappointed that I am now going to have to fight for a spot to be able to enjoy the concert. Although, if Ticketmaster is true to their reason (and doesn’tsell more tickets), the floor should be half empty because it was sold as seats which take up 2-3x more space than a standing body.


    • Good point! I paid for an early entry pass to try and beat the crowd to the front. I’ve wanted to see her so bad for so long that it was worth it for me. There are still some available on the seetickets website.


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